Nanowrimo Struggles

Well I hit the wall a bit with my writing and fell under about 3000 word count required. I really felt like abandoning everything as too hard but took some deep breaths and threw on my headphones and found some epic fantasy music on Youtube to write too – and smashed out 3k words in an hour or so.

Fingers are still tingling and I’m about 800 behind now but closing back in.

Art wise I made a big switch to acrylic paints and increased my canvas size to A3 from A4 which gives me a lot more room to play with.  As with everything there will be a sizable transition period between what worked in water colors and inks and what works in acrylics.

While at the art supply store I made the exciting discovery of water soluble oil paints – a special type of oil paints that washes out in water. I was very tempted to buy a starter pack but wanted to work through all the mediums in some kind of logical order (well order in my head) so I resisted but will definitely transition to those next.

New Paintings: *first two are inks

2016-11-16 17.59.43.jpg


2016-11-17 19.51.15.jpg


First Acrylic!

2016-11-20 17.14.25.jpg




2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Struggles

  1. Cinder says:

    I really love your paintings! They always feel so real to me. Like you’ve captured a moment. I dunno, that sounds stupid, sorry. I just wanted to say I love your stuff 🙂

    • melbrankin says:

      thank you so much! 😀 Trying to capture a moment in time, so that it leaves you with a “what happens next or whats over that rise” is what I’m often trying to do with my paintings – tis lovely to find out that someone feels that too 😀

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