Rogue One & Painting a Swamp

My partner and I had a date night on Friday (we get about one a year atm) and went out to Rogue One. My love of Starwars has been a touch tempered by the prequels and tbh I didn’t find the Force Awakens stood on its own very well as a good movie – still have hopes that they can bring some interesting developments into the second new movie but we shall see.

Rogue One on the other had sounded like a great opportunity to avoid the Superperson syndrome that jedi have (Yes I love Starwars but dont like jedi much as a story telling device) and show us a more human, and more interesting tale.

For me it really hit it out of the park with that. Love the movie, the leads were likable, fallible and believable while still keeping a Starwars feel about them. More impressively the supporting cast were given enough screen time to shine and the movie was much better for it.

No spoilers but for me Rogue One comes in a little behind Empire Strikes Back as my favorite Starwars movie.

On the art front I finished up a swampland painting and started on a new one.

2016-12-17 11.47.00.jpg





2 thoughts on “Rogue One & Painting a Swamp

  1. Aywren Sojourner says:

    Wow! Every time I see a new piece from you, it’s my new favorite. In this one, I’m really liking the way you painted the clouds for some reason. There’s some great warm and cool color contrast between sky and landscape. The water lillies and willows are super nice, too.

    Have you thought of selling any of these yet? I’m serious. : o

    • melbrankin says:

      thanks very much Aywren! I’m working hard to understanding tones, lighting and the overall structure of each painting as well as how each layer interacts – I have found that acrylics seem to suit my messy “emotional” style rather a little more than watercolors( but I still love watercolors)

      No I hadnt thought about selling anything – the closest I have got is giving one to my mum and dad for xmas hehe.

      Im always learning so I feel like a student rather than nearing the level I want to be at – maybe one day I can start selling prints or something but

      I’m not sure when I would be happy to ask $ for my work 😀

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