I had hoped to start on my next painting today but work got in the way. I have an idea of what I want to paint bubbling around in my head so will be a matter of pulling the various threads together and starting on things tomorrow.


In the meantime I finished this painting – I had thought to add more to it but after leaving it for a day it feels complete. I was going for an arid, dust, maybe hint of sci-fi on this.


I spent a chunk of time with my kids painting and showing them some basic brush strokes. The twins were keen to learn as always and my 7yo was drifting in and out of the painting session.

Brushstroke tree


Kids at work

2017-01-07 10.49.47.jpg


My daughters work 2017-01-07 11.10.36.jpg

My son decided that a circle was better and then decided that running about was better than that so limited progress there 😀



3 thoughts on “Dust

  1. Aywren Sojourner says:

    Wow! That top piece – so much color! Reminds me of something from No Man’s Sky (in a very good way). I love it!

    It’s also great you’re sharing creativity with your kids! I’m a fan already! 🙂

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