A Dash of Chaos & a Sunlite Vale

It has been a very chaotic few weeks so my regular blog update slipped a bit. We had house guests and house inspection as well as a number of other things pop up that made creating any content difficult.

Art wise I managed to start a new picture today as well as finish one last week.

Deep woods – just starting on this but you can get the general idea.



And Sunny Vale – from start to end (with some skipped out shots)

2017-01-15 13.06.31.jpg

2017-01-18 04.04.32.jpg


Ummm I thought I had a few more in this series however my phone is in for repairs and it could be stuck on its card.

But anyway – finished picture:

I did trees in the background and set the sun off to the left someway, which means I highlighted the hills on the right, and the side of the trees facing that way. I then painted the foreground a mixture of dark brown and black, dragging near black trunks up and then from the dark shapes I touched in some lighter brown, dark greens and yellows to draw some details out. Finally i cut the path in and dusted a few exposed plants with lighter colors.








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