Working Phone, Struggles of Painting

My s7 broke, the screen woke up one day and discovered that it would like to be full of burnt in app icons, was delightful – what also is delightful is that they decided that it had been tampered with because the insides were missing a tape strip (it hasn’t been but what a bit to be missing!) So I’m in the middle of arguing with Samsung repairs into getting it fixed.

in the mean time I have been using a backup iphone 5e which has taken a while to get the hang of but actually its kinda cool phone.

Perhaps because of the stress going on right now in my life I have found it really hard to get a good head-space to paint – I’m hitting a wall fairly hard and then just pushing against it until something appears.

So below is the one finished painting, the one I have on the go and 2 bonus paintings from my 4yo daughter who was painting along with me.

Storm Clearing:

Photo 11-02-17, 2 17 14 PM.jpg



Photo 14-02-17, 6 49 00 PM.jpg

Gab’s work:

Photo 14-02-17, 6 48 44 PM.jpgPhoto 14-02-17, 6 48 21 PM.jpg



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