Fallen Gate Restart in EQ2

I’ve return once again to my first love of MMO gaming, Everquest2. Although the original Everquest holds a special place in my heart too the current implementation of kronos (real money time items) for in game reward trade makes playing on them untenable to me.

If Daybreak ever releases a Everquest server without Kronos I would happily roll a toon on there in a flash.

The New Fallen Gate server has rewound the game back to the first release content (as much as they can without breaking things.) it also gives bonuses to your other server characters when you complete heritage quests (long quests for items that were first introduced into Everquest) which is a nice bonus.

As always, when possible, I rolled up with my gaming buddy Simcha, she made a ranger and I a defiler (healer). As I play a lot more than her I also rolled up several alts. The experience has been dialed way back so its been a slow journey up to 10th level (out of a max 50).

Here is a gallery of my current characters:

Pollygeist – Ratonga Defiler


Llelana – Erudite Shadowknight (with bonus close up of her face glyph and eyes)


Ariettiee – Half-Elf Dirge (Bard)


Marieanna- Erudite Templar (healer)

Marieanna (templar)


and last and in rags still, Toriessa my Erudite Warlock (caster dps)


Only the defiler and shadowknight have been played much, the others are busy gaining resting experience and occasionally gathering crafting materials to feed my primary crafter (who makes food).


Art wise I have been slightly overrun with kids and not made a lot of progress, I will post something next week with an art update.



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