Secret World Legends and Subtitles

My mate Clare has started blogging again 😁

Dragonflies & Unicorn

I found myself frustrated as I was getting into the recently released game: Secret World Legends (SWL).

At first I was pleased to see that the subtitles were automatically provided as I started playing. I had forgotten to double check as I was used to playing The Secret World (TSW) for a long time now and knew all of my preferred settings (where possible) had already been set.

So when I experienced the first cut-scene … with no subtitles(!) … unsurprisingly it led to much swearing. I had to quickly go to the menu to find the option, all the while hoping it did exist, and found it… it turned out to be a separate options from subtitles called ‘cinematic subtitles’.

While I can understand, at least partially, why it was structured as it is, it was nevertheless annoying as it had caught me unaware. In my rush to turn…

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