Sketching continued and EQ2 Main

I have a new canvas and an idea for next month that should keep me occupied painting away but for now I am continuing working on my sketch. As I’ve said its really nice to draw again although I find it much harder on my hands, I’m not as good as relaxing while working as I am with paints.

From start to now as below:


and the progress so far:


Game wise Im really settled into the Everquest2 Fallen Gate server, finding a lot of nice people to run content with but remain guildless atm.

I decided on Ariettiee, my bard as my main for now and I have leveled up to 15.


Playing a support class has been great, almost as easy to find groups as playing a healer with none of the stress!


3 thoughts on “Sketching continued and EQ2 Main

  1. Alunaria says:

    Gorgeous! I really like seeing the process of it, and see it all become more “alive”. Sketching must be a great way to focus and relax too?

    The idea of support class sure sounds nice, and as if the community in that game think so too. As long as one enjoys what they do, that is what matter 🙂

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks! Yes its very nice to just paint in charcoal – often I dont really focus on the paper just the shapes that I see that make up what I want to have appear, its kinda meditative 😀

      I’ve always done support/heals in games, just what i love doing I guess 😀

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