Winter Lurgy Strikes Again

As of today this is my 7th day sick, actually the entire family have been sick for over a week which has been awful for art progress, and I haven’t managed to get back to work for more than a few hours. On the positive I am feeling a little better today, its only a winter cold/flu thing but its hitting everyone hard.

I have been thinking more of doing watercolor illustrations and working at the basic skills for this when I am able to.

There is a picture stuck in my head that I have to paint next, its demanding to get out onto the canvas so hopefully when I am able I can start sketching it out.

A little practice work I did below:

Basic human forms


I bought a new watercolor so had to try it out on a quick sketch.20170729_154259


Borrowed the kids 5 color pen and doodled this.



7 thoughts on “Winter Lurgy Strikes Again

  1. Alunaria says:

    :O WTB the one with the new watercolors! Very nice humans too, I imagine those can be quite difficult to make. Hah, who knew that masterpieces can come from kids color pens 🙂

    • melbrankin says:

      Yeah im very much learning how to draw humans, its going to be a few months at least before I attempt to actually paint some but ground work is good!
      Its surprising how many amazing drawings can be done with a ink pen of any type! I actually started into art during inktober (although I went with ink and brush) often I would see some awe inspiring art done with pens.

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