Guest Post Zeta.

My cat Zeta decided to post a whole load of pictures of herself as a guest post.

This has nothing to do with the fact its been very hard this week to get any painting done!

Computer is still away at shops. The graphics card is being sent away with a max turn around time of 20 days…

Anyway, pictures of my floof. The internet was designed to upload cat pics right?

For those with keen eyesight she said that you may spot a bonus non cat picture, umm bonus points if you do!


3 thoughts on “Guest Post Zeta.

  1. Alunaria says:

    Haha, what can I use the bonus points for!? I spy with my little eye an otter or two…

    Can I get a painting of my WoW character?! Maybe Zeta can make it? She seems to know her way around your keyboard 😀

    Gosh 20 days? Have faith!

      • Alunaria says:

        Aw, hah, what, really?! I was kidding 😀 But I totally accept that offer! I shall take a screenshot asap 🙂

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