Back to Basics

My art journey has been one of endless discovery, often with many more failed attempt than successful as I learn and relearn over and over.

Art for me is an interesting blend of creativity and technical knowledge.

While I consider myself creative its been learning the technical aspects of both tools (brushes, paints etc) and techniques (distance, shadows, compositions etc) where I have felt the most newbish.

In order to improve I’m going to start a bit slower on painting phase, trying to introduce sketches and color test paints before I embark on actually painting.

It will slow me down but in the long journey I think its a good few steps back to make a step forward.

Below is a bit more progress on the old way of painting and a perspective test paint.

Playing with colors and perspectives

Bonus cat in bag


3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Syl says:

    Watching your progress and also Eri’s on twitter over the months/years has been so amazing! it shows how much it matters to practise, practise, practise – your paintings are beautiful! 🙂
    Are you still gonna do that poll for the art show?

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