Painting Away May

Well so far so good, I have managed to paint every day of May which has been fantastic fun and a great learning tool. Some of the works have been better than others but in each one I have added a little to my craft, well that’s the hope anyway.

So in reverse order here is the last weeks effort:

7th May – Ruins



6th May – Sun soaked



5th May – Outcrop



4th May – Happy Dragon (request from my 5yo daughter)



3rd of May – Riverbed



2nd of May – Ink Wash Tree



the first painting was on last weeks post :



2 thoughts on “Painting Away May

  1. Alunaria says:

    My goodness, wow! You just out did yourself with all of these. That tree in the Ruins, in the, is the English word foreground? Stunning!

    • melbrankin says:

      Yah foreground works 😀 thanks kindly – its been an interesting challenge finding time to paint, i think thats whats good about these 30 day challenges – they push you on to paint regardless of whats in the way 😀

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