Painting Away, Last Weeks of May

It has taken a bit of effort over the last 22 days to keep painting and I am very happy to say that I have managed to beat myself into some sort of routine which I will allow me to focus more on my art going forward.

That being said I’m sure I do not want to produce a picture every day but work on art most days is a definite goal.

Sorry I’m posting this one day later than normal, life got in the way (we are house hunting).

As a side note I have set up a Buy me a Coffee site, its not got a lot there but I wasn’t looking to use it to grow support just allow anyone who already followed/liked my art to help in buying art supplies.

And feel free not to too, this is a hobby not my full time employment after all 😀

So with today’s painting first, here is the art since I last posted:

22 May


21st May


20th of May


19th of May


18th of May


17th of May


16th of May


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