Exciting Arrivals & Tabletop Map Fun

So on the 22nd of February 2011 at 12:51 p.m. local time (23:51 21 February UTC) we all had a life changing earthquake registered 6.3 on the Richter scale. The city is still in ruins, although a lot of rebuild has been made its a long process.

Below is a link to the wiki article


Since then its been a fairly glum day for a lot of us, however this year it changed with the arrival of my grand-daughter,  Ellodie.  I’ve yet to meet her in person but the photo’s are adorable and my son & daughter to be are settling in nicely to the role of dad and mum.

It now will be a lot happier 22nd of Feb around here, although the events will not be forgotten, they are for us, eclipsed by the happiness.

The week itself was consumed with life events, above and others but I did manage to make a tabletop rpg map for a new game I’m starting to run on Wednesday nights. I also picked up a pure red and cobalt blue paint that should increase my ability to make purple (due to the hues in my other red all I get is brown)




Raven redux and ink scribbles.

Well I finished my repaint of my raven, turned out okay but hit the wall a bit with paint hues and brush quality.

Raven redux

Raven 3 years ago

Some improvements but I do still like aspects of the first one.

Asides from the raven I doddled the acrylic ink picture below, its a bit of a nothing piece but still was fun enough.

Guest Post Zeta.

My cat Zeta decided to post a whole load of pictures of herself as a guest post.

This has nothing to do with the fact its been very hard this week to get any painting done!

Computer is still away at shops. The graphics card is being sent away with a max turn around time of 20 days…

Anyway, pictures of my floof. The internet was designed to upload cat pics right?

For those with keen eyesight she said that you may spot a bonus non cat picture, umm bonus points if you do!

PC is a sad Panda

My computer decided that at nearly a year old it would have a graphics card corruption.

After tinkering about with drivers I gave up and took it in for a service.

This means until its repaired my phone is it for blog updates.

On the flipside I have new glasses so painting is a lot clearer!

Anyway, finished this…

And current WiP

Hopefully PC is fixed soon but till then brief blog update.

Chocolate Kitty

Tis been a rather busy week so I didnt manage much art but I did do a quick ink sketch of my cat Zeta, she is a black cat who like many turns very brown in direct sunlight.

She is also the most wriggly model, painting her live had me swap various bits of the painting on the fly.

Next week should be a little less crazy and I can will continue onward with my main painting.




Sunset over Hills – WiP

I had some time to start my next painting – still a bit to go on this but here is the work in progress. Trying to capture the harsh light at sunset, as well as gloom that is encroaching on the land.

Also working on some techniques around blending, softening edges with a dry brush overlay and painting in a sightly different style.

So from start to current below:


blocking in


more blocking and some detailing


Adding details now


the camera actually makes it look a lot lighter than it is, but even so its conveying the general feeling I want from the work.

Should be able to finish it over the next week or two depending on how much detailing I feel is needed.


Cute WoW Kitten and Ink Sketches.

My good friend Clare and I entered a competition over at http://girlsgonewow.net/ for a tshirt design. We put in a silhouette of WoW characters waving across the painting of Teldrassil Forest which I painted some time ago.  The lovely hosts EJ and Raven (@totally_ej & @SilkyRaven on twitter ) picked our design out for mugs which turned out really amazingly!!


The original Painting:


Did make me want to go back and do a repaint of this, see how my skills (I hope) have grown.

You can check out the physical mugs at https://www.zazzle.co.uk/z/ok2do

As a prize I received the super cute kitten below, screen shot with my holy priest.  A big thanks to the lovely hosts for such a neat gift.


And shes a lap cat!


Outside of gaming I managed to complete the following quick sketches. Keeping on practicing and working away at improving my art as much as possible.