Swamp Progress

Finally over the last few days I have managed to begin painting again. A combination of my own head space clearing and a long weekend has kicked started my creativity.  I’ve finished the left side of my swampland painting now and moved onto the right side.

Hopefully I will get a chance to finish this over the next week as work is fairly quiet with most people on holiday.

Aside from painting I have been working hard on my own roleplaying game, writing up the world and rules from what I had scribbled out during last years Nanowrimo.




Ive not had any time to do art as I have been on a course all week, doing 9-10hour days is leaving me somewhat wrecked.

will try continue painting in the weekend.

hugs to all


Swampland Continued

This week I am attending a hackfest held by Microsoft so my painting time will be very limited. One day down of a week event and its been a heck of a lot of fun so far.

What progress I did make is below. I am trying a different technique to draw more details into my landscapes so its taking a lot more time but its worth it I feel.


Swampland and Mountain Stages

I started the blocking in for a new painting, this one is a swampland scene and finished my spring mountain painting. Overall I have been watching a lot of videos once again and found a bit of a boost in my skill level for some finer detailed works. Lots and lots to learn, every time I think i have a basic set I see how far I have to go!

Still that is the fun of the journey, as I have often said.



and the finished Mountain in Spring, from blocking details to finish.

Photo 27-02-17, 4 50 27 PM.jpg







Working Along

I have been pottering about with my painting, spending a lot of time online watching skillful people produce amazing work and trying to learn, not get despondent over their place on the journey compared to mine 😀

I am taking a lot longer to finish this but the theme is coming together nicely now.  I hope to produce a lot more over the week as the weekend did not turn out the best for painting.

My old brushes were wearing out a bit so I managed to pick up a new larger round and a fine detailed one so I am very excited to get a chance to use these soon!



A Moment of Calm

There is no natural disasters currently in our neighborhood, nothing threatening to burn us and thankfully no quakes – long may it continue!

In the quiet time in between the craziness I managed to finish a couple of paintings, the first was the WiP the second a very different style – so different that my phone couldnt actually cope with taking a picture of it – its actually no where as odd as in the photo – I might try some other styles like this one in a bit.




New Landscape

Photo 25-02-17, 5 47 01 PM.jpg


and current WiP

Photo 27-02-17, 4 50 27 PM.jpg



WiP in Between Flames

Sometimes it feels like all around conspires to prevent me from having time to paint, often its just a conversation in my head that has such a strong “cannot” vibe that it erodes my creativity.

This last week its been fires, the hills above us and around us were alight with a serious blaze that had threatened the entire area. Although we spent a night sleeping in our clothes (shoes on) and car packed we were fortunately enough to avoid having to evacuate but the experience and stress left me low energy for the remaining week.

The WiP I posted last week was nicely in theme around head and wastelands (thanks fire!)

It does take me a lot longer to paint anyway, my standards are getting higher so its taking more time to complete things and prone to struggles more and more – its learning I know.



Current WiP

Photo 21-02-17, 5 28 07 PM.jpg


and some pictures of the fire out our back yard view

Fire closing (those are forested hills behind the smoke)

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: tree, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Fantastic job by many people to contain it after 5ish days battling.