Winter Lurgy Strikes Again

As of today this is my 7th day sick, actually the entire family have been sick for over a week which has been awful for art progress, and I haven’t managed to get back to work for more than a few hours. On the positive I am feeling a little better today, its only a winter cold/flu thing but its hitting everyone hard.

I have been thinking more of doing watercolor illustrations and working at the basic skills for this when I am able to.

There is a picture stuck in my head that I have to paint next, its demanding to get out onto the canvas so hopefully when I am able I can start sketching it out.

A little practice work I did below:

Basic human forms


I bought a new watercolor so had to try it out on a quick sketch.20170729_154259


Borrowed the kids 5 color pen and doodled this.



Floodland and Blues

I finished a larger bit of work, inspired by the fact that the entire area I live in had enough rain over the weekend to flood the rivers and turn the low lying areas back into the swampland they came from.

Still going with the ink on canvas although I did splash into green and reds to capture the feel I was going for.


And I continued onward in the blue and whites:

Bamboo at the waters edge


Raven in flight20170720_201307

Zombie hand (okay it wasnt exactly planned that way but happy accidents and all)


Raven landing


Blue and White, and a Little Charcoal

I had originally planned to do a month of blue ink only paintings but life occurred so its a fair way through before I could start on this project. I may continue onto next month but for now I am doing acrylic sketches in ink using only blue ink and white acrylic paint.

So far its been a lot of fun!





Aside from the ink work I have continued on my landscape sketch:20170715_224257.jpg

Game wise I’m still happy in EQ2, long may that last 😀

Sketching continued and EQ2 Main

I have a new canvas and an idea for next month that should keep me occupied painting away but for now I am continuing working on my sketch. As I’ve said its really nice to draw again although I find it much harder on my hands, I’m not as good as relaxing while working as I am with paints.

From start to now as below:


and the progress so far:


Game wise Im really settled into the Everquest2 Fallen Gate server, finding a lot of nice people to run content with but remain guildless atm.

I decided on Ariettiee, my bard as my main for now and I have leveled up to 15.


Playing a support class has been great, almost as easy to find groups as playing a healer with none of the stress!

Secret World Legends and Subtitles

My mate Clare has started blogging again 😁

Dragonflies & Unicorn

I found myself frustrated as I was getting into the recently released game: Secret World Legends (SWL).

At first I was pleased to see that the subtitles were automatically provided as I started playing. I had forgotten to double check as I was used to playing The Secret World (TSW) for a long time now and knew all of my preferred settings (where possible) had already been set.

So when I experienced the first cut-scene … with no subtitles(!) … unsurprisingly it led to much swearing. I had to quickly go to the menu to find the option, all the while hoping it did exist, and found it… it turned out to be a separate options from subtitles called ‘cinematic subtitles’.

While I can understand, at least partially, why it was structured as it is, it was nevertheless annoying as it had caught me unaware. In my rush to turn…

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Fallen Gate Restart in EQ2

I’ve return once again to my first love of MMO gaming, Everquest2. Although the original Everquest holds a special place in my heart too the current implementation of kronos (real money time items) for in game reward trade makes playing on them untenable to me.

If Daybreak ever releases a Everquest server without Kronos I would happily roll a toon on there in a flash.

The New Fallen Gate server has rewound the game back to the first release content (as much as they can without breaking things.) it also gives bonuses to your other server characters when you complete heritage quests (long quests for items that were first introduced into Everquest) which is a nice bonus.

As always, when possible, I rolled up with my gaming buddy Simcha, she made a ranger and I a defiler (healer). As I play a lot more than her I also rolled up several alts. The experience has been dialed way back so its been a slow journey up to 10th level (out of a max 50).

Here is a gallery of my current characters:

Pollygeist – Ratonga Defiler


Llelana – Erudite Shadowknight (with bonus close up of her face glyph and eyes)


Ariettiee – Half-Elf Dirge (Bard)


Marieanna- Erudite Templar (healer)

Marieanna (templar)


and last and in rags still, Toriessa my Erudite Warlock (caster dps)


Only the defiler and shadowknight have been played much, the others are busy gaining resting experience and occasionally gathering crafting materials to feed my primary crafter (who makes food).


Art wise I have been slightly overrun with kids and not made a lot of progress, I will post something next week with an art update.


The Secret World Reboot

So I downloaded and installed the new Secret World mmorpg over the weekend, I say over the weekend because I started attempting to get the thing installed Saturday and after I left it to slowly update and freeze overnight it was playable Sunday.

The wonky installer aside I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the changes to characters, no longer was my jaw slightly disconnected, prone to looking somewhat zombiefied, the other options for character creation were all improved.


The game continues its great questing content (nothing new unfortunately aside from the tutorial (which was new to me at least)) which must make restarting for those who were invested in the original game kinda tough.

I did notice a lot of the quests were improved, a few steps removed or some of the challenge dropped down a notch, which for me was welcome. A bit of the zombie trash in the first zone seemed to removed which again made fora  better flow and the mobs themselves had their damage reduced somewhat from what I could tell (or players buffed a lot, I’m not sure which.)

Anyway its worth giving it a try if the graphics were the major sticking point or if you haven’t had a chance to give it a shot before its a great time to leap on in and see what the game has to offer.

Other than The Secret World I took a brief look at MasterXMaster which was a new multiplayer battle game which felt like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm got together to create a game.

The game itself wasn’t bad although I found nothing that would keep me from playing it. I guess for now i’ll keep it installed but unless a major chunk of my real life gaming friends leap into it (they play dota2 so not a lot of a chance of them swapping) I doubt that I would play it much.


Art wise I ran out of canvas and wont have the cash to pick up more supplies till next pay day in a week or so. Until then I’m pottering away on landscapes using charcoal – its always nice to have a change every-so-often.

Quick Sketch




and unrelated but it always makes me laugh