Painting Away May

Well so far so good, I have managed to paint every day of May which has been fantastic fun and a great learning tool. Some of the works have been better than others but in each one I have added a little to my craft, well that’s the hope anyway.

So in reverse order here is the last weeks effort:

7th May – Ruins



6th May – Sun soaked



5th May – Outcrop



4th May – Happy Dragon (request from my 5yo daughter)



3rd of May – Riverbed



2nd of May – Ink Wash Tree



the first painting was on last weeks post :


May Madness of Sorts

Apologies for the later post, life being life.

Well not very mad however I did decide to attempt 1 painting a day for the month of May.

I don’t have any theme ideas and the quality will be sketchy but painting every day should be a good exercise.

So 1st of May

And some non May art.

And finally my twin 5yos finished their paintings

Bonus cat

Holiday Sketching

I’ve been off work for the last 5 days which has been fantastic for R&R and a bit better for art work. Family keep me busy but in some breaks I managed to potter about working on improving various aspects of my art.

I should be able to pickup the main canvas for my Jade Forest painting soon which will be nice and then its going to be sometime working on that. In the mean time I am keeping up my sketching at work and home.

With the end of summer its always hit and miss as to how much sun will be out for painting but so far we have been spoiled for nice days, long may it continue!

Bamboo Sketch


Playing with Grass


Dino Line Art for my Kids.


Water-color style Jade Forest


Blue Ink Forest


Jade Forest Prep

Continuing on from the sketch I had started I’ve mostly finished what I wanted to get out of the drawing.

Next phase is to refine the elements, finding some details of the buildings and trees. (If anyone has spare screenshots of them then please share)!

Mucked about with some color tests too.

Not sure if all the prep is helping but its sort of fun to pootle about with it.

Rain, hail and 4C

As my title suggests its rather horrible weather here, a sharp change from the mild autumn we had been enjoying.

As a bonus its allowed me to do a little lunch drawing. This is the wip on my next painting. Sketch first then color scheme paint then paint the thing 😁

Sorry about the shadowing, office gloom makes it hard to take photos.

As for my current painting I decided it was finished.

The tape I was using ripped the paper a bit which is a pain so I didnt take a post tape pic.

With the current weather I will struggle a bit with light to paint but hopefully I can set something up so winter isnt such frustrating time.

My morning journey to work today included hail 😂

Back to Basics

My art journey has been one of endless discovery, often with many more failed attempt than successful as I learn and relearn over and over.

Art for me is an interesting blend of creativity and technical knowledge.

While I consider myself creative its been learning the technical aspects of both tools (brushes, paints etc) and techniques (distance, shadows, compositions etc) where I have felt the most newbish.

In order to improve I’m going to start a bit slower on painting phase, trying to introduce sketches and color test paints before I embark on actually painting.

It will slow me down but in the long journey I think its a good few steps back to make a step forward.

Below is a bit more progress on the old way of painting and a perspective test paint.

Playing with colors and perspectives

Bonus cat in bag