WiP Continues!

I have been attempting to increase the amount of painting time I get, cramming in 20 min here and there in an effort to improve my work and get into a good painting habit.

Long ago with writing during #NanoWrimo I realized that time didn’t make itself free, you have to cram in whatever you really want to do and push out a space for it, so its not surprising that the same is true of art.

Aside from teaching my kids a little more about painting (or as much as I know about the basics!) I managed to progress my current work.

Next month I’m going to challenge myself to a paint a picture each day so that should be interesting.




WiP on New Painting

Weather has been rubbish again and that has eaten away my daylight hours – roll on summer!

Aside from watching a lot of the dota2 International  tournament I haven’t had a lot of spare time, sickness still nibbles away at the edges although today for the first time I think I am back to 100%..ish.

I picked up a couple more paints and a new brush, using more expensive paints now and its been lovely to be able to have enough to start projects with.

Anyway here is the WiP of my new painting, its landscape but more fantasy based. I’m really loving these paints!!



Sunshine and Sketching

Finally the lurgy is lifting enough that I can start to recover energies to do art. The weather too, despite having some nasty cold patches, is turning into very early spring so we are all able to head outdoors for a little bit.

I’m at the end of my satisfaction with the cheaper paints I was using so on the path of upgrading now which means a little more delay in starting painting the sketch I drew last week.

Instead of painting I went back to working on my side project and had a reasonable amount of progress. As much as I love painting there is a lot of fun to be had using charcoals. About half way there now!


Winter Lurgy Strikes Again

As of today this is my 7th day sick, actually the entire family have been sick for over a week which has been awful for art progress, and I haven’t managed to get back to work for more than a few hours. On the positive I am feeling a little better today, its only a winter cold/flu thing but its hitting everyone hard.

I have been thinking more of doing watercolor illustrations and working at the basic skills for this when I am able to.

There is a picture stuck in my head that I have to paint next, its demanding to get out onto the canvas so hopefully when I am able I can start sketching it out.

A little practice work I did below:

Basic human forms


I bought a new watercolor so had to try it out on a quick sketch.20170729_154259


Borrowed the kids 5 color pen and doodled this.


Floodland and Blues

I finished a larger bit of work, inspired by the fact that the entire area I live in had enough rain over the weekend to flood the rivers and turn the low lying areas back into the swampland they came from.

Still going with the ink on canvas although I did splash into green and reds to capture the feel I was going for.


And I continued onward in the blue and whites:

Bamboo at the waters edge


Raven in flight20170720_201307

Zombie hand (okay it wasnt exactly planned that way but happy accidents and all)


Raven landing


Blue and White, and a Little Charcoal

I had originally planned to do a month of blue ink only paintings but life occurred so its a fair way through before I could start on this project. I may continue onto next month but for now I am doing acrylic sketches in ink using only blue ink and white acrylic paint.

So far its been a lot of fun!





Aside from the ink work I have continued on my landscape sketch:20170715_224257.jpg

Game wise I’m still happy in EQ2, long may that last 😀

Sketching continued and EQ2 Main

I have a new canvas and an idea for next month that should keep me occupied painting away but for now I am continuing working on my sketch. As I’ve said its really nice to draw again although I find it much harder on my hands, I’m not as good as relaxing while working as I am with paints.

From start to now as below:


and the progress so far:


Game wise Im really settled into the Everquest2 Fallen Gate server, finding a lot of nice people to run content with but remain guildless atm.

I decided on Ariettiee, my bard as my main for now and I have leveled up to 15.


Playing a support class has been great, almost as easy to find groups as playing a healer with none of the stress!