Working Phone, Struggles of Painting

My s7 broke, the screen woke up one day and discovered that it would like to be full of burnt in app icons, was delightful – what also is delightful is that they decided that it had been tampered with because the insides were missing a tape strip (it hasn’t been but what a bit to be missing!) So I’m in the middle of arguing with Samsung repairs into getting it fixed.

in the mean time I have been using a backup iphone 5e which has taken a while to get the hang of but actually its kinda cool phone.

Perhaps because of the stress going on right now in my life I have found it really hard to get a good head-space to paint – I’m hitting a wall fairly hard and then just pushing against it until something appears.

So below is the one finished painting, the one I have on the go and 2 bonus paintings from my 4yo daughter who was painting along with me.

Storm Clearing:

Photo 11-02-17, 2 17 14 PM.jpg



Photo 14-02-17, 6 49 00 PM.jpg

Gab’s work:

Photo 14-02-17, 6 48 44 PM.jpgPhoto 14-02-17, 6 48 21 PM.jpg


Quick Update

Was a long weekend here and I was away in the native bush for the majority of it – will have a blog update as soon as pictures are uploaded. Currently my normal phone is broken so I am having to have things emailed to me from my partners phone so things are running slowly.


Game wise I just finished patching Elderscrolls Online – hopefully after this monster patch the houses are worth it!

A Dash of Chaos & a Sunlite Vale

It has been a very chaotic few weeks so my regular blog update slipped a bit. We had house guests and house inspection as well as a number of other things pop up that made creating any content difficult.

Art wise I managed to start a new picture today as well as finish one last week.

Deep woods – just starting on this but you can get the general idea.



And Sunny Vale – from start to end (with some skipped out shots)

2017-01-15 13.06.31.jpg

2017-01-18 04.04.32.jpg


Ummm I thought I had a few more in this series however my phone is in for repairs and it could be stuck on its card.

But anyway – finished picture:

I did trees in the background and set the sun off to the left someway, which means I highlighted the hills on the right, and the side of the trees facing that way. I then painted the foreground a mixture of dark brown and black, dragging near black trunks up and then from the dark shapes I touched in some lighter brown, dark greens and yellows to draw some details out. Finally i cut the path in and dusted a few exposed plants with lighter colors.







Misty Stream

Finished my next painting and started a new one in my never ending quest to get okay at things. I do find that I am more comfortable with throwing things on and working them out than before and that I often have a sense of what will work and wont work. Next few paintings I’m going to work on space and light some more.

I had a lot of fun building up layers on this one, the mountains behind the forest is mostly obscured with trees and mist and those trees themselves concealed by the next foliage.

One thing i noticed is that I need some better fine brushes, the ones I have struggle with acrylics so next purchase is going to be some more.


Mountains just peeking out behind things


Trees covered by trees



Finished work (sorry I skipped the last session of working)

2017-01-14 11.09.51.jpg



I had hoped to start on my next painting today but work got in the way. I have an idea of what I want to paint bubbling around in my head so will be a matter of pulling the various threads together and starting on things tomorrow.


In the meantime I finished this painting – I had thought to add more to it but after leaving it for a day it feels complete. I was going for an arid, dust, maybe hint of sci-fi on this.


I spent a chunk of time with my kids painting and showing them some basic brush strokes. The twins were keen to learn as always and my 7yo was drifting in and out of the painting session.

Brushstroke tree


Kids at work

2017-01-07 10.49.47.jpg


My daughters work 2017-01-07 11.10.36.jpg

My son decided that a circle was better and then decided that running about was better than that so limited progress there 😀


Daybreak snuffs out the last flame of EverQuest Next

I was going to post something about the sad closing of Landmark but Syp covered this so well I’m reblogging his

Bio Break


With yesterday’s announcement of the closure of Landmark, Daybreak not only gets to continue its streak of shutting down more MMOs than it creates but also extinguishes the last vestiges of EverQuest Next in existence. It’s like a kick in the crotch of the deceased — disrespectful, unnecessary, and completely devoid of class.

Daybreak these days is pretty much two things: A hot mess of confusing messages and weird silences, and a company that is much more interested in closing games than creating them. I don’t think there are many people left who still hold the opinion that the Columbus Nova buyout was a portent of a bright future.

And while we can say that it wasn’t a huge surprise that Landmark was next on the chopping block, it doesn’t take the sting out of this — even for non-players, like myself. This move really stinks for many reasons:

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First of 2017 – The Vale (and bonus cat)

Well it inst my Sunday night update but I thought I would start off back into the blogging with the latest painting I did. I was aiming to create a valley that stretched out, with hits of what was tucked behind stones and trees – allowing people to create their own story with it.

I haven’t done a WiP collection for a bit so here it is from concept to finish.

At this stage I might be painting sky or water – I dont really know (Im thinking sky)


Decided it is sky, added some hills, using different colors to contrast, I went over the yellow a few times to tone it down – put up some blocky structures to cover the vales end and tucked in dark hues and blacks to the base of distant rises.


Splashed in some trees with burn umber acrylic ink and dusted it while wet with goblin green acrylic paint.


Threw some clouds in at the back, breaking up the sky to give it a feel of distant and close clouds and drawing eyes back further into the picture (in an attempt to add further depth)

Detailed the trees with various acrylic paints, starting with dark greens and moving to sap and finally some yellow. Added bamboo and stone work, threw some boulders on the right to break up the flow of the hillside, toned down the yellow and red hues a bit.


Detailed the trees more, light is coming from the upper left so concentrated on highlighting those sides (when they weren’t obscured by other trees.) added steps and faces into the rock, goblins perhaps?) Washed the foreground with blue ink.


And the finished bit – sorry skipped ahead a bit on the water and rocks – I was in the painting grove and forgot to take some photos.


Unrelated to above – some photos of my cat being a cat.(notice how good table manners she has…)