Final Wrapup

Sorry all, its been a little hectic here again, house, kids, etc etc so my blog post is a little behind.

I finished May painting challenge! It took a lot of time and effort but was well worth it imho. Although now I’m out of canvas so having to take a forced break until I can find some cash to buy more.

Anyway below are the last few paintings of May and the entire collection below that.

31st of May

31st of May

30th of May

30th of May

and the complete selection!


The End is Nearish!

Well May has only a few more days to go and then I will have finished my challenge. Once of the unexpected benefits has been the amount my daughter has joined in on the painting, hopefully she will continue throughout her life and become an awesome artist!

Even if it just fosters a love of art I think its a job well done.

So as we end the month next post here is the works in progress, my daughters leading the way.



29th of May – My son wanted something from Maui


28th of May – Mist


27th of May – I had about 5 min to paint so thought stylized flowers would be nice 🙂



26th of May – Its nice what you can do with yellow, black and white…



25th of May – Working on adding the weight of water surging forward



24th of May



23rd of May


Painting Away, Last Weeks of May

It has taken a bit of effort over the last 22 days to keep painting and I am very happy to say that I have managed to beat myself into some sort of routine which I will allow me to focus more on my art going forward.

That being said I’m sure I do not want to produce a picture every day but work on art most days is a definite goal.

Sorry I’m posting this one day later than normal, life got in the way (we are house hunting).

As a side note I have set up a Buy me a Coffee site, its not got a lot there but I wasn’t looking to use it to grow support just allow anyone who already followed/liked my art to help in buying art supplies.

And feel free not to too, this is a hobby not my full time employment after all 😀

So with today’s painting first, here is the art since I last posted:

22 May


21st May


20th of May


19th of May


18th of May


17th of May


16th of May


Holiday Sketching

I’ve been off work for the last 5 days which has been fantastic for R&R and a bit better for art work. Family keep me busy but in some breaks I managed to potter about working on improving various aspects of my art.

I should be able to pickup the main canvas for my Jade Forest painting soon which will be nice and then its going to be sometime working on that. In the mean time I am keeping up my sketching at work and home.

With the end of summer its always hit and miss as to how much sun will be out for painting but so far we have been spoiled for nice days, long may it continue!

Bamboo Sketch


Playing with Grass


Dino Line Art for my Kids.


Water-color style Jade Forest


Blue Ink Forest


Blocking and Detailing

Its been nine hour work days at the moment so by the time I get home from work its straight into dinner prep and kid wrangling which has left precious little time for any art.

I’m sure that as they get older my free time will return but for now art and writing and gaming time takes a back seat.

At the end of March there is an exhibit I have been invited to show a few pieces of work at and I did want to try finish one or two new bits before then but we will see.

Next post I’ll put up a short list of works and take a vote on what people think I should frame and display.

Anyway, I managed to block and detail a little of this work.



Exciting Arrivals & Tabletop Map Fun

So on the 22nd of February 2011 at 12:51 p.m. local time (23:51 21 February UTC) we all had a life changing earthquake registered 6.3 on the Richter scale. The city is still in ruins, although a lot of rebuild has been made its a long process.

Below is a link to the wiki article

Since then its been a fairly glum day for a lot of us, however this year it changed with the arrival of my grand-daughter,  Ellodie.  I’ve yet to meet her in person but the photo’s are adorable and my son & daughter to be are settling in nicely to the role of dad and mum.

It now will be a lot happier 22nd of Feb around here, although the events will not be forgotten, they are for us, eclipsed by the happiness.

The week itself was consumed with life events, above and others but I did manage to make a tabletop rpg map for a new game I’m starting to run on Wednesday nights. I also picked up a pure red and cobalt blue paint that should increase my ability to make purple (due to the hues in my other red all I get is brown)



Sunset over Hills – WiP

I had some time to start my next painting – still a bit to go on this but here is the work in progress. Trying to capture the harsh light at sunset, as well as gloom that is encroaching on the land.

Also working on some techniques around blending, softening edges with a dry brush overlay and painting in a sightly different style.

So from start to current below:


blocking in


more blocking and some detailing


Adding details now


the camera actually makes it look a lot lighter than it is, but even so its conveying the general feeling I want from the work.

Should be able to finish it over the next week or two depending on how much detailing I feel is needed.