Holiday Sketching

I’ve been off work for the last 5 days which has been fantastic for R&R and a bit better for art work. Family keep me busy but in some breaks I managed to potter about working on improving various aspects of my art.

I should be able to pickup the main canvas for my Jade Forest painting soon which will be nice and then its going to be sometime working on that. In the mean time I am keeping up my sketching at work and home.

With the end of summer its always hit and miss as to how much sun will be out for painting but so far we have been spoiled for nice days, long may it continue!

Bamboo Sketch


Playing with Grass


Dino Line Art for my Kids.


Water-color style Jade Forest


Blue Ink Forest



Winter Lurgy Strikes Again

As of today this is my 7th day sick, actually the entire family have been sick for over a week which has been awful for art progress, and I haven’t managed to get back to work for more than a few hours. On the positive I am feeling a little better today, its only a winter cold/flu thing but its hitting everyone hard.

I have been thinking more of doing watercolor illustrations and working at the basic skills for this when I am able to.

There is a picture stuck in my head that I have to paint next, its demanding to get out onto the canvas so hopefully when I am able I can start sketching it out.

A little practice work I did below:

Basic human forms


I bought a new watercolor so had to try it out on a quick sketch.20170729_154259


Borrowed the kids 5 color pen and doodled this.


Rumblings, err Ramblings

So a sizable quake (5.7) hit the city again today. While no one was seriously hurt this time (yay!!!) it has thrown us all into a mega stressful situation where we are back to waiting for another big one.

Sending all the hugs to those impacted by today – if you are in need of someone to chat to then find me on twitter or leave comments here and i’ll do my best to respond.

Before the quake I did finish my charcoal drawing – using only the side of the pencil was a real challenge but lots of fun.

charcoal painting - bridge.jpeg


Orc Complete, Strange Winter Weather & Spring Dragon

Its winter here. Although its been really hard to tell. We have had such mild weather that some of the trees have started flowering, only to be caught out by a cold snap that has pushed temperatures into reasonable frost range. For us its meant a reduction of heating bill that’s really nice and also the ability to get the kids out of the house and into the dirt a bit more than we can managed normally.

I finished my orc warrior drawing and started on the next bit of art – a dragon made from vines, weeds, fungi and flowers.

So the orc scanned.
orc warrior

And although I haven’t finished the dragon here are the work in progress pictures. So far its been a lot of fun and I will try and convert it into an adult draw line art once its done.

Very early concept sketches
2015-06-18 14.05.10

And Vines
2015-06-15 10.23.04

Base sketch

Starting to transform into vines

Expand out to wings

Detailing down from wings

Drawing down into the body and second wing

Drawing down thru the body into the limbs
2015-06-21 10.28.02

So I should finish this in the next week or so – will add details and then begin working on the line art.

Still working away at book2, my poor characters keep on going from bad to worse situations – I am sure they will cut a break soon before sliding down into more chaos 😀

I picked up a bit of Archeage play time. After listening to @belghast on his podcast and hearing him speaking of the fun once you get into the game a bit I decided I would give it a second go. I have to say that I am having a lot more fun this time around. It could be because I am use to grinding mobs in EQ that I have a lot more tolerance for bad quests and grinds in other games 😀

Everquest wise I started working on a newbie rogue – so far its been a lot of fun not to have spells to worry about but I am still thinking my cleric will be my main. My fellow guild mates have far more time to play than me so they tend to start alts while waiting for me to level up – they are all sitting about 20 while my main sits at 12. Still loving the meditative game play of sit, kill and chat.

Bravely going backwards

My current project is a female orc from world of warcraft and its been a nice learning experience seeing where my mind tricks me into seeing something as I want it to be not as it is. I had finished the outline and was beginning to detail things when I was struck with the fact that it wasn’t lining up in the correct proportions.

I was left with the most terrifying tool in my toolkit – the eraser and with a few deep breaths I removed a days work with some vigorous rubbing. The next draw went the same and had the same result – better but still was lacking correct posture and dimensions. The main trick is that the character is actually standing a little side on, enough to throw out the details if I wasn’t careful.

So after many hours of going backwards I manged to go forwards a little but not anywhere near finished – although I am still hoping to get it done by next Sunday.

First outline
2015-06-11 20.24.21

Second outline – changed shoulders to match new gear
2015-06-12 18.38.00

Third outline- changed head to match better
2015-06-14 09.56.00

Detailing head

Adjusting head – adding new weapon from character update.
2015-06-13 20.22.03

Restarting from 80% erased
2015-06-14 09.56.00

After my eraser fun I decided to grab some of the kids crayons and mash out a quick 5 minute art that couldn’t be erased. I was playing with the layering to see if the crayons will blend nicely – for the most part that was a no but I did manage to use the white crayon to blend all the colors together. It made me want to go out and get some oil pastels as well as the water color pencils to play with.


And finally some 5 minute art sketching

Weeds against wall
2015-06-12 14.01.46

Concept sketch of jeep thingy for @Simchaandalts
2015-06-10 11.22.14

Not my art but the highlight of the weekend was making it out to a little township just under an hours drive from here to see @artymicheline exhibition. It was exceptionally good – her artwork is a riot of emotions and movements, colors and feelings all captured in abstracts. In the flesh they were amazing – I could have spent hours there just seeing details and letting my writers mind run away into the fantasy landscapes it created. If you haven’t had the opportunity then check out her work at

Finished another chapter in my book2 progress is a little hit and miss atm – everyone here has been sick with the winter lurgies so I’ll use that as an excuse.

I have also been working on my sci-fi rpg game – the first playtest went really well with everyone able to make interesting, fun characters and leap into the action without much delay. A few tweaks to the system to make it even more entertaining. I will try and run another playtest on Monday.

My cleric in everquest reached level 12 – I am still loving the sit on my butt, meditate and then throw a heal, rinse and repeat. The contrast in healing between the breakneck pace of my holy paladin in world of warcraft and the sedate healing in everquest is such a strong contrast. interestingly enough the grinding of mobs in everquest has rekindled my ability to grind daily apex crystals in wow.

In warcraft my lovely guildmates came along with another round of gear so my ilevel is now 653 which is a lot better than the low 640 I was healing in Blackrock before. Looking forward to seeing if I can make a bit of an impact with my heals now.

So that was my week – fairly lazy but with a few creative bursts and an exceptionally cool Saturday.

Newbie Blogger & Gome Warlock


So this year for the first time I have signed up for the Newbie Blogger Initiative – You can read about the awesome things they do to help us new bloggers or sign up for it yourself at

Basically it is a way for the blogging community to come together and help each other, share some new blogs to read, set some fun challenges and take part in all that the wonderful blogging community has to offer. Its also the perfect time to start a blog if you have been keen to start but unsure how to go about it.

Some Art & back to book writing
I finally managed to rest enough to get my brain into writing so I am starting to nibble away at book2 which makes me very happy. I had tried to leap from editing straight back to writing but it turned out the jump was too much and I sat re-reading the last chapters of my book wondering where I was going to go with all of this. Fortunately as book two has a number of stories interwoven from more pov’s than my first one I could pick one of the main characters, Toriessa, and begin writing her story without worrying to much about the others.

During my break I did a sketch of @@roxiqt goblin warlock as below. Goblins are a lot of fun to draw and her transmog set was very cool indeed. Hopefully I have done it some justice!


I will be doing a line art version of this for coloring – currently I’m recovering from a stomach bug so will have to wait till I’m feeling a bit better.

The many clothes of my Lalafell – Final Fantasy Fun and more steampunk WoW

I’ve been pottering away in Final Fantasy 14 and enjoying my game time immensely. I spent this morning collecting most of the gathering and crafting classes – each one has its own story and abilities – with some cross class potential.

In theory if I ever got to 50 in all of them it would set me up for being able to craft the top gear – in practice I’m so slow at leveling anything that its unlikely to occur before the level cap in the game has been raised several times.

Still I love the fact that I can switch between my various classes on my character by swapping their weapons. This single system allowed me to level down to 5 thaumaturge with a single click of a button to group up with @Simchaandalts when she joined us. As she was leveling a bit faster than I when we next grouped I swapped to my level 15 pugilist weapon and instantly had swapped to a level appropriate toon – all without having to leave the game, log on alts, etc etc.

Add to the instant class swaps the ability to drag in skills from a another class than the current one you are playing (with some limitations) and you have the ability to duo with a little healing, ability to rez, some shields and all the while maintaining dps or tank core class.

The system is near perfect for me – I never have to alt again – and I really dont have anywhere near the time to alt. Everything I achieve in game is by my one wee Lalafell and in doing so I have become incredibly attached to her. I cant think of any other game where that has been the case.

Below is the many outfits of my lalafell – each one a different class. 😀

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.14.41

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.15.09

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.15.36

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.15.52

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.16.24

As for drawing I managed to knock off a few more of the World of Warcraft steampunk drawings and completed a dwarf wildwest Dungeons and Dragons character for a friend.

Confederate Dwarf


As requested I did two bonus Races for WoW – the Murloc and the Moonkin

IMAG0555 IMAG0563

and I finished off the draenei (They are a weird race to draw – their legs and body structure is just not human at all)


And finally the Gnome


I would love to have had a chance to get some paints out and do some more water-colours but with children the setup time is too long and the chance of paint on the carpet too great. When I have a chance I am thinking of getting some water-colour pencils which should be usable even with the tots are swarming.