Taking Shape

In between the craziness of life I manage to progress my painting a little. I was out most of the weekend with family things so the normal block of art time I have disappeared and I also re-discovered the fun of Diablo III which didn’t help at all!

I picked up a new black paint so my limited palette is now complete…well I could do with a sap green and a raw sienna but I can make do.



Everquest2 TimeLocked & Dwarven Mage Complete


Everquest 2 Time Locked Servers went live last week so a few of us from the blogging community started new characters on the server. I have to say that returning to the boat ride after this many years brought a massive smile to my face.

The actual graphics may have dated a bit with the characters especially but the world itself is still worth pausing to watch the sun rise in.

Although there is definitely a bit of nostalgia for me with Everquest2 as it was my main game for many years the main reason I wanted to return to EQ2 was that it was a chance to enjoy the game before it became so top level heavy that the old content was abandoned.

Current plan is to level my Fae Warden as main character and try a ratonga evil whenever we decide its a good time to see the other side of the story.

Another thing that has not aged for me is the music, I still rate the score, its classic fantasy but there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Screenshot 2015-07-26 09.49.37

The story flow is back and I am managing to progress along nicely. The main plot is interwoven through various sub stories and it will be really interesting to see how strong or weak that makes the book. As with any first write I am not worrying about those kind of details until I come to the first rewrite.

It has been one of those periods of a second book where everything seems to be going wrong with my characters, betrayals, breakdowns and battles all taking there toll. Hopefully some good victories are nearing or at least their journey will allow them to rest a little before rushing headlong into the conclusion.

I finished my dwarven mage – overall I am happy with how she turned out. As always next drawing I will attempt to improve on things. Often its is hard to see when you are improving and when you are flat-lining – and regardless the only what forward is to draw more.


And to celebrate the new Everquest2 server I started working on a Ratonga Ranger.

Basic sketch

First refining of the lines

Thats all for now!