Raven redux and ink scribbles.

Well I finished my repaint of my raven, turned out okay but hit the wall a bit with paint hues and brush quality.

Raven redux

Raven 3 years ago

Some improvements but I do still like aspects of the first one.

Asides from the raven I doddled the acrylic ink picture below, its a bit of a nothing piece but still was fun enough.


Chocolate Kitty

Tis been a rather busy week so I didnt manage much art but I did do a quick ink sketch of my cat Zeta, she is a black cat who like many turns very brown in direct sunlight.

She is also the most wriggly model, painting her live had me swap various bits of the painting on the fly.

Next week should be a little less crazy and I can will continue onward with my main painting.




Cute WoW Kitten and Ink Sketches.

My good friend Clare and I entered a competition over at http://girlsgonewow.net/ for a tshirt design. We put in a silhouette of WoW characters waving across the painting of Teldrassil Forest which I painted some time ago.  The lovely hosts EJ and Raven (@totally_ej & @SilkyRaven on twitter ) picked our design out for mugs which turned out really amazingly!!


The original Painting:


Did make me want to go back and do a repaint of this, see how my skills (I hope) have grown.

You can check out the physical mugs at https://www.zazzle.co.uk/z/ok2do

As a prize I received the super cute kitten below, screen shot with my holy priest.  A big thanks to the lovely hosts for such a neat gift.


And shes a lap cat!


Outside of gaming I managed to complete the following quick sketches. Keeping on practicing and working away at improving my art as much as possible.




End of the Holidays

Well the last Sunday before work has arrived. As I was on call through out the xmas break it doesn’t really feel as jarring as it normally does, although to be fair I don’t feel as rested as I normally do either.

I took the twins out to the local quarry,  its long closed and been replanted as a nature reserve full of walking tracks both around the quarry and above it in the hills. Its lovely and I spent a lot of time taking photo’s of trees as reference stock.

Goal for 2018 is to try to get more details in my work and to branch out into painting other things, more people, plants, fantasy etc.

I finished the painting I was working on, mostly happy with it and also completed a quick ink sketch.




Floodland and Blues

I finished a larger bit of work, inspired by the fact that the entire area I live in had enough rain over the weekend to flood the rivers and turn the low lying areas back into the swampland they came from.

Still going with the ink on canvas although I did splash into green and reds to capture the feel I was going for.


And I continued onward in the blue and whites:

Bamboo at the waters edge


Raven in flight20170720_201307

Zombie hand (okay it wasnt exactly planned that way but happy accidents and all)


Raven landing


Blue and White, and a Little Charcoal

I had originally planned to do a month of blue ink only paintings but life occurred so its a fair way through before I could start on this project. I may continue onto next month but for now I am doing acrylic sketches in ink using only blue ink and white acrylic paint.

So far its been a lot of fun!





Aside from the ink work I have continued on my landscape sketch:20170715_224257.jpg

Game wise I’m still happy in EQ2, long may that last 😀

Back on to Blog

Hey all, it has been an unexpected and extended break from blogging so apologies for those following. Real life caught me and combined with winter blues my energy to write dissipated.

On my break I finished off the swampland and did a couple of quick ink paintings. With the darkness here its really hard to get sufficient light to do the detailing I want on a full painting so I’m going to spend the time working on other things. I ran out of canvas so started doing a charcoal sketch too.

Gaming wise I am playing Everquest on the new timelocked server and going to split my limited game time between that and the new timelocked Everquest2 server that is opening soon.

My book is mid edits, the editor making good progress so that is positive for book 1. Book 2 is a little less great, despite backing up all the time to the web when my computer crashed I managed to lose a chunk of work, its not major just a pain. So instead of trying to just re-write that I am using it as motivation to re-write the book (which is what I do once I’ve finished the first write.)

Anyway some bits of work:

Swampland finished.



“Old trees” (ink on canvas)


“strata” (ink on canvas)