Floodland and Blues

I finished a larger bit of work, inspired by the fact that the entire area I live in had enough rain over the weekend to flood the rivers and turn the low lying areas back into the swampland they came from.

Still going with the ink on canvas although I did splash into green and reds to capture the feel I was going for.


And I continued onward in the blue and whites:

Bamboo at the waters edge


Raven in flight20170720_201307

Zombie hand (okay it wasnt exactly planned that way but happy accidents and all)


Raven landing



Blue and White, and a Little Charcoal

I had originally planned to do a month of blue ink only paintings but life occurred so its a fair way through before I could start on this project. I may continue onto next month but for now I am doing acrylic sketches in ink using only blue ink and white acrylic paint.

So far its been a lot of fun!





Aside from the ink work I have continued on my landscape sketch:20170715_224257.jpg

Game wise I’m still happy in EQ2, long may that last 😀

Back on to Blog

Hey all, it has been an unexpected and extended break from blogging so apologies for those following. Real life caught me and combined with winter blues my energy to write dissipated.

On my break I finished off the swampland and did a couple of quick ink paintings. With the darkness here its really hard to get sufficient light to do the detailing I want on a full painting so I’m going to spend the time working on other things. I ran out of canvas so started doing a charcoal sketch too.

Gaming wise I am playing Everquest on the new timelocked server and going to split my limited game time between that and the new timelocked Everquest2 server that is opening soon.

My book is mid edits, the editor making good progress so that is positive for book 1. Book 2 is a little less great, despite backing up all the time to the web when my computer crashed I managed to lose a chunk of work, its not major just a pain. So instead of trying to just re-write that I am using it as motivation to re-write the book (which is what I do once I’ve finished the first write.)

Anyway some bits of work:

Swampland finished.



“Old trees” (ink on canvas)


“strata” (ink on canvas)






4 & 2

It has been 4 years since our twins arrived and turned our lives completely upside down. I know its kinda cliche but the have been the most wonderful, tiring, unnerving, stressful and magical journey. I can say that having twins is about ten times the chaos as when we had one and that is perhaps an underestimation of their impact!

Now they are four they often sit with me and use some of my old water color pencils to paint and draw along with daddy which is just lovely and I hope that exposure to art and the creative process I use will give them a head start into being much better artists or at a minimum give them an appreciation of the variety of art out there and that their endeavors do not need to look a particular way to be worth while.

During the week I also crossed into the 2 year of doing art myself – with the kick off of inktober last year I felt that I was for the first time committing some time and effort to getting better at art as opposed to wishing myself a master and doing nothing to earn it.

Results are varied, I am definitely getting better at some aspects of art and find other aspects challenging – when I try things outside my comfort zone I feel like a complete beginner half the time.

So below is inktober 2016 so far! (as with every year I am doing a mix of “never done” and working on improving what I know.

My son requested Pokemon!

2016-10-03 11.58.04.jpg

Having white paint instead of just using the paper is an interesting experience.

2016-10-04 13.29.19.jpg


Ducks are cool

2016-10-05 14.54.51.jpg


Below is a fine example of an idea that didnt work at all but i kinda like one eye…take it with the good times and try and learn from the fails 😀



I like the wings on this one 😀

2016-10-07 13.59.03.jpg


It wouldnt be inktober without a water and ink of a raven now would it?

2016-10-08 09.25.05.jpg


2016-10-09 15.28.25.jpg




Inktober Begins!

As the year rapidly (eep!!) closes out its time to start once more into #inktober – the month of ink painting/drawing/anything with ink. This is how I started on my art journey last year, it helped ramp up my very basic skills into bad but showing some promise and since then I have spent a large amount of the year doing art.

Inktober swag!

2016-10-01 15.50.48.jpg

I had hoped to get book 2 of my series written by now but this year has been as challenging a one as I have ever had with writing – the blocks have all been my making – something about book two seems to be a insurmountable wall some days even though I have plenty of story mapped out on paper and in my head to comfortably write I haven’t been able to commit.

Right on the heels of inktober comes Nanowrimo so I am hopeful that it will kickstart my writing like it has for the last few years.

Anyway here are day one and two of inktober 😀

Day 1

2016-10-01 16.19.52.jpg


Day 2

2016-10-02 08.15.55.jpg


Across the 25000 word count I go

As the title says, I have made reasonable progress this week on the nanowrimo. There have been plenty of reasons to fall behind but I have managed to just keep my nose above the word count.

Gaming wise I’ve been watching a lot of the World of Warcraft information flowing from the post Blizzcon hype. I have to say that they are really throwing every thing they can at their player base in the hopes something will stick.

The announcement of gnome hunters was lovely and to mark the moment I’ll re-post my gnome hunter fan fiction at the end of this. (It was a quick write without much editing so readers be warned!)

Dota2 is running its majors currently and my team went through the first round with a 2/1 victory. They gave me a bit of a scare but last game they dominated and are starting to look like a real force now.

A good place to start to watch all the crazy action.


And TotalBiscuit has launched this years SanDisk ShoutCraft Invitational for Starcraft2 which is one of my favourate esports to watch.


Art wise I have been a bit quiet with writing chewing away at my time. Its my birthday soon and the request for cash to buy art supplies has gone out! I am hoping to pick up some goodish quality water color paints and some more brushes.

Using my current ones and my kids water color set I did do a quick sketch.


And I finished the last of the World of Warcraft Gates series with Stormwind

Gates of Stormwind

And did a quick ink painting

winter pond

Plan for December is to get a lot of watercolors done and hopefully to get a character sketch started.

The Ink Flows and Nanowrimo Begins.

Well the last week was rather busy with the preparation for the combined birthdays of the twins, my 6yo and my partner. orginally we had planned seperate parties but due to everyone getting chickenpox (asides from me) it ended up with a birthday party combined with halloween.

The Friday before the party I was feeling tired but wanted to start on Stormwind, the final world of warcraft city. Unfortunately instead of my normal safe process of getting things setup and then opening the ink, i did the oposit and fumbled, nocked and split 90% of my ink on the table and a goodly amount on the floor.

Some harsh worlds were spoken about life!

That set back my ink for a few days and I have only just started working on Stormwind now so I hope to have it progressing over the next wee while.

I did manage to finish Orgrimmar

Gates of Orgrimmar

And did a quick sketch of a floating city

floating city

Now that inktober is finished I will slow down a bit on art as I have started into Nanowrimo – the write 50k novel in 30 days challenge that I has been a great source of inspiration for my writing over the last few years.

This time I am doing things a bit differently – I am writing a role-playing game set in a sci-fantasy Earth. I also hope to do some more editing on my novel but it might be a little too much to ask.

If you are doing Nanowrimo this year then you can find me as mylin1, the same name I use for Twitter.