Swamp Progress

Finally over the last few days I have managed to begin painting again. A combination of my own head space clearing and a long weekend has kicked started my creativity.  I’ve finished the left side of my swampland painting now and moved onto the right side.

Hopefully I will get a chance to finish this over the next week as work is fairly quiet with most people on holiday.

Aside from painting I have been working hard on my own roleplaying game, writing up the world and rules from what I had scribbled out during last years Nanowrimo.



Swampland Continued

This week I am attending a hackfest held by Microsoft so my painting time will be very limited. One day down of a week event and its been a heck of a lot of fun so far.

What progress I did make is below. I am trying a different technique to draw more details into my landscapes so its taking a lot more time but its worth it I feel.


Swampland and Mountain Stages

I started the blocking in for a new painting, this one is a swampland scene and finished my spring mountain painting. Overall I have been watching a lot of videos once again and found a bit of a boost in my skill level for some finer detailed works. Lots and lots to learn, every time I think i have a basic set I see how far I have to go!

Still that is the fun of the journey, as I have often said.



and the finished Mountain in Spring, from blocking details to finish.

Photo 27-02-17, 4 50 27 PM.jpg







A Moment of Calm

There is no natural disasters currently in our neighborhood, nothing threatening to burn us and thankfully no quakes – long may it continue!

In the quiet time in between the craziness I managed to finish a couple of paintings, the first was the WiP the second a very different style – so different that my phone couldnt actually cope with taking a picture of it – its actually no where as odd as in the photo – I might try some other styles like this one in a bit.




New Landscape

Photo 25-02-17, 5 47 01 PM.jpg


and current WiP

Photo 27-02-17, 4 50 27 PM.jpg



Working Phone, Struggles of Painting

My s7 broke, the screen woke up one day and discovered that it would like to be full of burnt in app icons, was delightful – what also is delightful is that they decided that it had been tampered with because the insides were missing a tape strip (it hasn’t been but what a bit to be missing!) So I’m in the middle of arguing with Samsung repairs into getting it fixed.

in the mean time I have been using a backup iphone 5e which has taken a while to get the hang of but actually its kinda cool phone.

Perhaps because of the stress going on right now in my life I have found it really hard to get a good head-space to paint – I’m hitting a wall fairly hard and then just pushing against it until something appears.

So below is the one finished painting, the one I have on the go and 2 bonus paintings from my 4yo daughter who was painting along with me.

Storm Clearing:

Photo 11-02-17, 2 17 14 PM.jpg



Photo 14-02-17, 6 49 00 PM.jpg

Gab’s work:

Photo 14-02-17, 6 48 44 PM.jpgPhoto 14-02-17, 6 48 21 PM.jpg


A Dash of Chaos & a Sunlite Vale

It has been a very chaotic few weeks so my regular blog update slipped a bit. We had house guests and house inspection as well as a number of other things pop up that made creating any content difficult.

Art wise I managed to start a new picture today as well as finish one last week.

Deep woods – just starting on this but you can get the general idea.



And Sunny Vale – from start to end (with some skipped out shots)

2017-01-15 13.06.31.jpg

2017-01-18 04.04.32.jpg


Ummm I thought I had a few more in this series however my phone is in for repairs and it could be stuck on its card.

But anyway – finished picture:

I did trees in the background and set the sun off to the left someway, which means I highlighted the hills on the right, and the side of the trees facing that way. I then painted the foreground a mixture of dark brown and black, dragging near black trunks up and then from the dark shapes I touched in some lighter brown, dark greens and yellows to draw some details out. Finally i cut the path in and dusted a few exposed plants with lighter colors.







Sunday…err Monday Update

Oops sorry all, in between writing for NaNoWriMo and painting and all the other things I forgot to update my blog last night.

In general the writing has gone really well, I’m tracking a little above my word count each day and the story is flowing well which it hasn’t done for a while now 😀

I managed to catch some of blizzcon 2016, I have to admit that the necromancer class for diablo 3 was the highlight of the event, the rest of it seemed a little flat and lacking big punch. Will be very interesting to see what price point they try for the character pack come next year.

Painting wise I have continued exploring ink on canvas, plan to do another painting shortly using dry brush watercolors & inks combined and see how it goes!

Final painting of Inktober2016

2016-10-31 18.23.09.jpg


New works, inks on canvas (not at all because I used all my watercolor paper up during inktober :D) I’ll go back to doing my WiP posts here too, with the rush of inktober there was no chance to take photos in between paints.

Stormy Sea

2016-11-02 18.10.36.jpg

2016-11-03 17.13.15.jpg


2016-11-05 12.48.32.jpg

And Mountain Lake (sorry I forgot to take more WiP pictures)

2016-11-06 11.46.25.jpg

2016-11-06 15.00.19.jpg