Summertime Sickness

In theory it is summer, despite this theory it has been cold and raining and the kids have managed to drag home another round of sickness which has slowly worked its way through the family. I’ve been wiped out for almost a week now and art and gaming has been very much on the back burner (slept from 7pm to 7am yesterday)

Starting to see the end of it now and looking forward to breaking open my birthday loot and cracking on with the December challenge.


And just for giggles here is the first dwarf I drew a few years ago


and here is the latest one from last week. (Still struggle with eyes some days :D)


Writing Weekend & First December Painting


After a crazy weekend of writing I crossed the finish line with a day to spare. Nothing feels as good for a story than having some good time thrown at it and book two is now very close to finishing its first write!

I had expected to be pushing right to the end hours given my progress leading up to the weekend but finally after 26 odd days of working through with very little inspiration a golden patch of creativity was sparked and away the story raced.

Now that NaNoWriMo 2016 is done I have turned my attention back to art and writing. For December I decided to challenge myself by doing only people, both real and fantasy, paintings using acrylics as the main medium.  I really haven’t done a lot of people and its often ended in tears and thrown away paper – drawing them I am fine with, charcoal etc no problem but its the skin tones and shadings to try and make the skin translucent while using colors that has alluded me. So it should be a fun and frustrating time but I hope to be able to come out of December with a much better grasp of painting.

I have been hitting the YouTube fairly hard, watching a lot of painting videos and found a few that resonate with the way i paint – so fingers x!

So my first painting was a dwarf from World of Warcraft. (It didn’t turn out too badly, lots to improve on but that is the life of art😀 )

2016-12-03 00.35.45.jpgI did notice i need a better fine brush, and a bigger flat so I will be spending some of my birthday money from last month on more art supplies.


The Final Week of NaNoWriMo

As I write this there are 3 more days of NaNoWriMo to go. It has been the hardest one for me to keep pace with the required world count. Often this has been my own choice as conversations about being too busy or too tired are really good ways to take yourself out of the writing game.

I had poised on the edge of abandoning it but I am very stubborn and refused to surrender to situations and justifications.

So currently I stand at

Words Remaining 3,861



All this writing has taken a lot of my art time, unfortunately I have to split my time – with paid full time work and family life taking up the vast majority of it.

I did manage to do the following painting of the Night Elf Starting zone forest from World of Warcraft.

2016-11-22 18.51.31.jpg

Nanowrimo Struggles

Well I hit the wall a bit with my writing and fell under about 3000 word count required. I really felt like abandoning everything as too hard but took some deep breaths and threw on my headphones and found some epic fantasy music on Youtube to write too – and smashed out 3k words in an hour or so.

Fingers are still tingling and I’m about 800 behind now but closing back in.

Art wise I made a big switch to acrylic paints and increased my canvas size to A3 from A4 which gives me a lot more room to play with.  As with everything there will be a sizable transition period between what worked in water colors and inks and what works in acrylics.

While at the art supply store I made the exciting discovery of water soluble oil paints – a special type of oil paints that washes out in water. I was very tempted to buy a starter pack but wanted to work through all the mediums in some kind of logical order (well order in my head) so I resisted but will definitely transition to those next.

New Paintings: *first two are inks

2016-11-16 17.59.43.jpg


2016-11-17 19.51.15.jpg


First Acrylic!

2016-11-20 17.14.25.jpg



Ruins and Regrowth

I went into the central business district of my city on the weekend. While waiting for my car to get a service I did a tour to see what remains of the quake damage and how far the rebuild has advanced since the Feb22 quake destroyed much of it.

Pictures as below:

Once were building!

2016-11-12 09.42.09.jpg

Some ruins standing

2016-11-12 09.43.42.jpg

This was a main city road, lots of the buildings have fences up which cut down much of the roadways throughput. I think we have kept the makers of  roadcones very very wealthy!

2016-11-12 09.45.48.jpg


Shipping containers used when the height and stability of the building make it likely to fall in another quake.

2016-11-12 09.52.07.jpg


2016-11-12 09.52.10.jpg

At least the pigeons find a useful nesting spot

2016-11-12 09.52.21.jpg

Bogs taking root in the ruins of basements

2016-11-12 10.01.00.jpg


But even with so much devastation the city has covered itself in art spots and areas for people to come and hang out.

2016-11-12 10.07.54.jpg

This is huge, props to anyone who can do art on this scale!

2016-11-12 10.13.16.jpg


There were some burnt out buildings, heaps of art spaces that I didnt manged to get a good photo of but above sort of covers much of it.


Painting wise I managed to do a couple more inks on canvas:

2016-11-08 11.23.45.jpg


2016-11-09 15.00.55.jpg

Nanowrimo wise I have been keeping up with my word count but not pulling ahead like I had hoped. The story has been great to get back into but the fight to write book II that others have described is real!


Sunday…err Monday Update

Oops sorry all, in between writing for NaNoWriMo and painting and all the other things I forgot to update my blog last night.

In general the writing has gone really well, I’m tracking a little above my word count each day and the story is flowing well which it hasn’t done for a while now😀

I managed to catch some of blizzcon 2016, I have to admit that the necromancer class for diablo 3 was the highlight of the event, the rest of it seemed a little flat and lacking big punch. Will be very interesting to see what price point they try for the character pack come next year.

Painting wise I have continued exploring ink on canvas, plan to do another painting shortly using dry brush watercolors & inks combined and see how it goes!

Final painting of Inktober2016

2016-10-31 18.23.09.jpg


New works, inks on canvas (not at all because I used all my watercolor paper up during inktober :D) I’ll go back to doing my WiP posts here too, with the rush of inktober there was no chance to take photos in between paints.

Stormy Sea

2016-11-02 18.10.36.jpg

2016-11-03 17.13.15.jpg


2016-11-05 12.48.32.jpg

And Mountain Lake (sorry I forgot to take more WiP pictures)

2016-11-06 11.46.25.jpg

2016-11-06 15.00.19.jpg


At the edge of NaNoWriMo

As Inktober disappears rapidly the next challenge is going to be the national novel writing month. Its with a bit of terror intermingled with excitement and a few deep breaths that I’m embarking on my fourth 50k word count.

I find myself at an interesting point in my writing, its fair to say that this year has been fairly much a struggle  – partially having twin now 4yo demanding a lot of my energy as well as being in an unpleasant work environment for a chunk of the year (which seems to have cleared itself up now thankfully) but mostly its been that my head and heart having been in writing – the efforts to learn art seem to have suppressed that side of me somewhat.

So its going to be great to back into unstoppable writing.

For the last week of inktober I tried once more to consolidate some days and push my abilities the rest.


2016-10-25 18.40.56.jpg

2016-10-26 17.18.42.jpg




2016-10-28 17.48.55.jpg

Yes – I drew a stick figure😀

2016-10-29 14.28.54.jpg


2016-10-30 16.30.07.jpg