Inktober Rolls On

The week has been filled with more ink paintings, starting to get the hang of them and playing with various styles. My son is mad keen on Pokemon still so I did do the 3 legendary birds for him.

I have really loved using inks, past inktober I think ill be focusing on a mix of ink and watercolors as I’m somewhat addicted to thick brush layering and generous amounts of color and ink, sometimes leaning towards a mono tone over shading.

Game wise I have reached 40 with my paladin in WoW and continuing becoming a master thief in The Elderscrolls online. My quest for master thief would go a lot better if the quest pointers and maps would align- one bugbear I have from TESO is their quest tracker makes the quests much harder to follow compared to WoW.






4 & 2

It has been 4 years since our twins arrived and turned our lives completely upside down. I know its kinda cliche but the have been the most wonderful, tiring, unnerving, stressful and magical journey. I can say that having twins is about ten times the chaos as when we had one and that is perhaps an underestimation of their impact!

Now they are four they often sit with me and use some of my old water color pencils to paint and draw along with daddy which is just lovely and I hope that exposure to art and the creative process I use will give them a head start into being much better artists or at a minimum give them an appreciation of the variety of art out there and that their endeavors do not need to look a particular way to be worth while.

During the week I also crossed into the 2 year of doing art myself – with the kick off of inktober last year I felt that I was for the first time committing some time and effort to getting better at art as opposed to wishing myself a master and doing nothing to earn it.

Results are varied, I am definitely getting better at some aspects of art and find other aspects challenging – when I try things outside my comfort zone I feel like a complete beginner half the time.

So below is inktober 2016 so far! (as with every year I am doing a mix of “never done” and working on improving what I know.

My son requested Pokemon!

2016-10-03 11.58.04.jpg

Having white paint instead of just using the paper is an interesting experience.

2016-10-04 13.29.19.jpg


Ducks are cool

2016-10-05 14.54.51.jpg


Below is a fine example of an idea that didnt work at all but i kinda like one eye…take it with the good times and try and learn from the fails😀



I like the wings on this one😀

2016-10-07 13.59.03.jpg


It wouldnt be inktober without a water and ink of a raven now would it?

2016-10-08 09.25.05.jpg


2016-10-09 15.28.25.jpg




Inktober Begins!

As the year rapidly (eep!!) closes out its time to start once more into #inktober – the month of ink painting/drawing/anything with ink. This is how I started on my art journey last year, it helped ramp up my very basic skills into bad but showing some promise and since then I have spent a large amount of the year doing art.

Inktober swag!

2016-10-01 15.50.48.jpg

I had hoped to get book 2 of my series written by now but this year has been as challenging a one as I have ever had with writing – the blocks have all been my making – something about book two seems to be a insurmountable wall some days even though I have plenty of story mapped out on paper and in my head to comfortably write I haven’t been able to commit.

Right on the heels of inktober comes Nanowrimo so I am hopeful that it will kickstart my writing like it has for the last few years.

Anyway here are day one and two of inktober😀

Day 1

2016-10-01 16.19.52.jpg


Day 2

2016-10-02 08.15.55.jpg


Last Paper and WoW at 6 years old

So I finished my last watercolor paper with the painting below. I was aiming for a stylized painting of native bush and bamboos combined with the hint of a pool or waterway behind it.


Hopefully I will pickup some more paper on the weekend but until then I will try and do some charcoal drawings.


Interesting enough a portion of my game time was devoted to watching my 6yo son play world of warcraft. It was interesting how he found a lot of the systems I take for granted confusing. Fundamental things like quests were an oddity to him – all he wanted to do (and what he did mostly) was run around and kill things.

He found quest givers hard to find and often could not bother reading any of the quests so was left confused as to how to complete it.(I do that myself some days so must have inherited it!)

One of the other difficulties he had which I hadn’t expected was he assumed that all he saw on screen was the amount of the game – he was surprised to discover he had bag inventory, a skill page and a character sheet – to him these were all unnecessary to his enjoyment.

Lastly he took great delight in climbing up high places and leaping to his death – something that the gamer in me shudders at because of the waste of time and the repair costs.

After roaming around aimlessly, fighting things randomly and leaping, swimming or generally battling himself to death more times than I could count he declared that he really liked World of Warcraft!  Never say this game doesnt have many ways to play and many ways to find your fun😀




Dust and Ivy

Back to painting as much as I am able to – working away on the journey and loving attempting new styles and techniques. My goal for the next year is to refine my skill down so detailing comes easier.

Its inktober soon so expect a switch to ink painting – probably in the same style as my watercolors.

I dont have my scanner setup so pictures are from my phone sorry.






Last night I found the time and energy to unpack my art supplies and find a place mostly out of the way of the almost 4year olds.  While dinner was cooking (frank and beans – was delicious)  I did a super quick sketch of a tree.  The feeling of seeing paint on paper was amazing, I had not realized how much I had missed the simple act of splattering semi random colors with water.

Very unstructured and messy I felt like a happy child finger painting.


Mostly Back to Normal, Mostly

Unpacking is something that seems to go on for as long as you live at a place, only stopping when its time to begin packing for that next move. On the unpacking front I found my art supplies and now all I need is the space to do some art.

The sickness that struck last week and a sting in its tail which had me out for a few days with a final hurrah! Thankfully I am feeling a lot better now which is good as I have 7 days to edit and submit my short story for the Christchurch writers guild latest anthology.

Game wise I have been playing a lot of Skyrim and a little bit of Elderscrolls online. The mass invasion leveling has left me feeling a little flat with World of Warcraft – not having the expansion during the first few months of excitement is also hard. I am happy to report that the guild I am in has about 50 active players in it at any one time – up from 5-10 during the lull period.

Next Sunday there will be some art to post – even if its a few random trees – they are out in flower here as spring time has launched into full force.