Cute WoW Kitten and Ink Sketches.

My good friend Clare and I entered a competition over at for a tshirt design. We put in a silhouette of WoW characters waving across the painting of Teldrassil Forest which I painted some time ago.  The lovely hosts EJ and Raven (@totally_ej & @SilkyRaven on twitter ) picked our design out for mugs which turned out really amazingly!!


The original Painting:


Did make me want to go back and do a repaint of this, see how my skills (I hope) have grown.

You can check out the physical mugs at

As a prize I received the super cute kitten below, screen shot with my holy priest.  A big thanks to the lovely hosts for such a neat gift.


And shes a lap cat!


Outside of gaming I managed to complete the following quick sketches. Keeping on practicing and working away at improving my art as much as possible.





End of the Holidays

Well the last Sunday before work has arrived. As I was on call through out the xmas break it doesn’t really feel as jarring as it normally does, although to be fair I don’t feel as rested as I normally do either.

I took the twins out to the local quarry,  its long closed and been replanted as a nature reserve full of walking tracks both around the quarry and above it in the hills. Its lovely and I spent a lot of time taking photo’s of trees as reference stock.

Goal for 2018 is to try to get more details in my work and to branch out into painting other things, more people, plants, fantasy etc.

I finished the painting I was working on, mostly happy with it and also completed a quick ink sketch.




2018 Blog Plans

2017 ended fairly strangely, certainly the hospital trip and general business at work kept me from being as productive as I would have liked.

That was the past so after the extended break I think I’m ready to delve back into my Sunday updates. Art, gaming and the like.

To start 2018 off a quick look back on my art from then to now 🙂

One of the first bits of art I updated in Sept 2014 ( I dont think I ever finished this sketch)

2014-09-07 12.10.57

My first attempt at watercolors (tip:dont use student paints or brushes, they make your life much harder) (feb 2015)


First landscape with the kids crayons 😀 (jun 2015)



With inktober I had a big discovery of acrylic inks, still one of the mediums I have a lot of fun with. During inktober I was working on a charcoal drawing as well.2015-10-06 21.06.37

My Young Dwarf Hunter sketch. (Lots of errors in this but I like the crows still!)

2015-10-04 08.58.08

First watercolor landscapes (feb 2016)twitter-banner1

lakeside dusk

First Acrylic ink with inktober 20162016-10-04-13-29-19

And the first Acrylic Painting I did in November 2016


Its good to remind myself that I have been painting with acrylics for a year or so now, I’m always looking to improve but also need to accept I’m a beginner on a very long journey.

Last years final inktober picture:


And last completed painting:


And finally, my WiP:


Thank you to everyone who took the time to come along with my journey over the past 3 years.


Merry Xmas and Happy New year to all!








#Inktober Update

Life has mostly returned to normal post hospital. I am finding that I get a lot more tired ans I havent been able to game or write as much as I normally would.

On the upside it has allowed me to start reading Enders Game and doing a bit more inks.

#nanowrimo starts next month so thats back to writing 50000 words in a month. I’m unsure if I will do book 3 of my series or a world book for the pathfinder world i am working on.

Some inks

A Little Unexpected Break

Well you will have to excuse the lack of posts over the last week as of last Saturday I ended up spending 3 days in hospital with what at first was a suspected stroke but turned out (thankfully) to be a really rare kind of migraine.

It was the day of my twins 5th birthday party so I didn’t really imagine I would be in a ambulance by mid-day!

Im on the mend and fortunately there isnt any permanent damage – the neurologist described it as an electrical storm went off in my brain, basically shorted out a lot of things for a brief time. On the weird-side effects I cant remember what coffee tastes like and I have no cravings for it or withdraws from it, this is someone going from a 6(+) cups a day to none in a to speak 😀

I have been using my art to help recover, helps with a bit of a muscle twitches that occurs if I get tired, so have a fair amount of #inktober things to show.

In no order here are some of the bits.






#inktober Underway

With work and family life absorbing a horrid amount of art time (as much as I adore them all it has been sooo busy) I had missed the start of inktober. Its one of the art events I really enjoy so will be cramming in ink scribbles  whenever able too.
Inktober sketch 1.

Quick update

Hey all, things have been crazy around here with sickness so not a chance to do any art sadly. Nothing serious but kids keep bring home all sort of lovely things to pass on.

take care, will post as soon as i have some art updates or maybe ill do a gaming one mid week 🙂