The Secret World Reboot

So I downloaded and installed the new Secret World mmorpg over the weekend, I say over the weekend because I started attempting to get the thing installed Saturday and after I left it to slowly update and freeze overnight it was playable Sunday.

The wonky installer aside I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the changes to characters, no longer was my jaw slightly disconnected, prone to looking somewhat zombiefied, the other options for character creation were all improved.


The game continues its great questing content (nothing new unfortunately aside from the tutorial (which was new to me at least)) which must make restarting for those who were invested in the original game kinda tough.

I did notice a lot of the quests were improved, a few steps removed or some of the challenge dropped down a notch, which for me was welcome. A bit of the zombie trash in the first zone seemed to removed which again made fora  better flow and the mobs themselves had their damage reduced somewhat from what I could tell (or players buffed a lot, I’m not sure which.)

Anyway its worth giving it a try if the graphics were the major sticking point or if you haven’t had a chance to give it a shot before its a great time to leap on in and see what the game has to offer.

Other than The Secret World I took a brief look at MasterXMaster which was a new multiplayer battle game which felt like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm got together to create a game.

The game itself wasn’t bad although I found nothing that would keep me from playing it. I guess for now i’ll keep it installed but unless a major chunk of my real life gaming friends leap into it (they play dota2 so not a lot of a chance of them swapping) I doubt that I would play it much.


Art wise I ran out of canvas and wont have the cash to pick up more supplies till next pay day in a week or so. Until then I’m pottering away on landscapes using charcoal – its always nice to have a change every-so-often.

Quick Sketch




and unrelated but it always makes me laugh



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