Doing some random drawings

Took a break from editing my book and did a little drawing.  Feeling like I should really work hard to improve my art but its tough because writing/editing take up so much time.


Anyway I posted these on twitter but re-posted here to keep them all on one place.


First up is a collection of my 5 minute art – the goal here is to just scribble down some drawings on note paper.

Winter River

2015-01-26 13.09.50


Happy Dragon




And some more serious efforts:

Charcoal pen drawing of a Rogue


And finally my first attempt to draw an anime character – Akatsuki from Log Horizon.



13 thoughts on “Doing some random drawings

  1. j3w3l says:

    i like your scenery one and you have a good eye for clothing too. For the face, the outward curve generally goes from the upper lip to the bridge of the nose, then slightly curves in at the eye to go back to normal at the eyebrow. I learnt a little anatomy for a time haha

  2. netherine says:

    Looking good! Seems you have much more to paint then 🙂
    If you really want to improve then consistency is key. It’s a good idea to get into a habit of writing/drawing daily if those are the skills you wish to hone. Just like those 5 a 10 min doodles, it doesn’t have to perfect. Same with your writing, just write and have fun. Do the editing process once you’re done so you can enjoy the flow of words as they come. And the truth is, the more you do it, the easier it gets (the act of writing/drawing I’m not necessarily talking about quality of content).

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